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Your First Visit

During your first visit, our staff at Tindall Orthodontics will make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed during your consultation, and our specialist orthodontist will clearly and simply explain what orthodontic options are available for you.

When should you see an orthodontist?

You don’t need a referral from your dentist to arrange a consultation with us, although your dentist may recommend us if you have an orthodontic problem that requires our expertise.

You may also choose to see an orthodontist if:

  • you have difficulty biting, chewing or speaking
  • your teeth are protruding, crooked or crowded
  • you habitually grind or clench your teeth or suck your thumb

Other signs that you may have an orthodontic problem can be more difficult to spot and will require a professional consultation and oral examination to identify.

Allowing an orthodontic problem to remain untreated could mean these symptoms will persist and could worsen with time. More invasive treatment in the future, may be needed if your orthodontist doesn’t have the opportunity to treat your teeth and jaws when they are still growing.

What age should a child first visit the orthodontist?

We recommend that children have their first orthodontic appointments as soon as their permanent teeth begin to emerge, usually around the age of seven.

At this age, our orthodontists can already get a clear idea of what their mouth will look like in the future and we will be able to recommend any corrective treatments that are needed to encourage healthier development of your child’s mouth and jaws.

What happens during your first visit?

When you first arrive at Tindall Orthodontics, our reception will greet you and ask you to complete a patient details form.

As this is your first visit, we will examine your mouth to determine whether any orthodontic treatment is needed and explain our findings. We will recommend the most suitable treatment plan and answer any questions you have before scheduling your next visit.

Examining your mouth

We will first assess the development and alignment of your teeth and jaws for any obvious indications of orthodontic problems. We may also ask you questions that will help us understand more about your condition, its possible cause, and how it is affecting you.

At a subsequent visit if it is decided that some treatment may be required we will take photographs of your face and teeth and some impressions of your teeth. The impressions will allow us to create a three-dimensional model of your teeth for further examination. We will also send you for some special teeth and jaw x-rays and they are usually bulk billed under Medicare.

Planning your treatment

By examining the x-rays and plater models we will develop an orthodontic treatment plan to correct your condition. Recommendations will be discussed with you and your family and give you the opportunity to ask any questions.

If you require appliances such as braces, plates or retainers we will work with you to choose the most suitable option for your orthodontic needs.

We will also provide estimates on how long the treatment will take, how much it will cost and how often you will need to visit us during the course of the treatment. Our administrative staff will discuss our payment plans with you and help you to complete your health insurance paperwork if you are making a claim.

It may be the case that your child is not ready for orthodontic treatment at this time. If so, we will recommend follow-up appointments at regular intervals that will allow us to determine when it’s the right time to begin.

How long will the appointment take?

Your first orthodontic consultation should take around fifteen minutes, which will allow enough time for questions.

Subsequent appointments may take longer, depending on what work is being done.

For example taking photographs and impressions may take 30 minutes and fitting braces can take 60 to 90 minutes.

It’s important that you arrive on time for your appointments, as late arrival can impact on other patients and our staff. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please inform us at least 24 hours in advance.

Make an appointment today

Contact us to schedule an orthodontic appointment in Adelaide and other locations. No referral is required for your initial consultation.