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Orthodontic Emergencies

If your braces or other orthodontic appliances become lost or damaged, or they are causing you injury, you should get in touch with us as soon as possible to arrange a consultation with our specialist orthodontist.

It’s possible to fix certain problems with your appliance from home. Find out how to solve the most common issues here.

Sore mouth

It’s normal to experience a small amount of discomfort when you first begin your orthodontic treatment, as your appliance is putting pressure on your teeth or jaws that you will not be used to.

Sore and sensitive teeth will usually return to normal after a few days, and you can help to reduce your discomfort by rinsing your mouth with warm salt water.

If your lips and cheeks become sore after a few days or a few weeks, you should apply more wax to help them move over your braces more easily. If you run out of wax, we can provide you with more.

Mouth ulcers

Orthodontic treatment does not cause mouth ulcers, but if you already have sore or swollen cheeks, your braces could increase the irritation and make ulcers more painful.

You should be able to relieve this pain by applying an ulcer remedy to your mouth using a cotton bud and rinsing your mouth with a salt water solution several times a day.

You have swallowed part of your appliance

If you or your child may have swallowed a piece of your appliance, you should inform us and arrange a consultation so we can check your mouth and make any repairs or replacements needed.

In most cases, swallowing part of an appliance is not a cause for concern, but if you have difficulty breathing or are coughing uncontrollably, you should seek immediate medical attention.

Broken Bracket

If a bracket is broken, this will impact on your orthodontic treatment and you will need to arrange an appointment with us to have it fixed.

Applying dental wax to loose brackets should help to alleviate any pain and discomfort. If a wire has come loose, try to bend it back into place or wrap it in tissue to prevent it causing damage until you can visit our clinic.

Lost or broken removable appliance

If you lose or break your orthodontic appliance, you will need to schedule a consultation as soon as possible to have a replacement fitted. Any interruption in your orthodontic treatment can cause delays.

If you have only damaged part of your appliance, we will still need to see you to check that the appliance is still functioning and prevent injury.

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